Ghost Box

The ghost box rapidly scans radio frequencies in order to give the spirits white noise they can pull from and use to actually be able to speak. The spirits can manipulate and override the frequencies in order to form words and sentences.

Digital Recorders


Digital recorders can pick up on sounds the human ear cannot hear and give us the ability to replay sessions for further analysis.  Guests can use the ghost box to communicate with the spirits and record it with the digital recorders or they can do straight EVP sessions, whichever is preferred.




REM pods are not affected by any of our other equipment, meaning temperature changes, EMF spikes, and radio activity will not cause it to react. The REM pods give off their own power field of energy that is sent from the base into the antennae and is contained in a space about the size of the base and the length of the antennae. In order for the REM Pod to light up and go off, something needs to disrupt its personal field, such as putting your finger in it. The closer the object comes to the antennae, the more lights on the base that will blink.


EMF Detector

EMF Detector

EMF stands for ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCY. Spirits carry their own type of energy that can disrupt the Earth's electromagnetic fields, thus causing the EMF detector to spike or blink when a spirit is near.


Raggedy Ann Doll

Raggedy Ann
The Raggedy Ann Doll has EMF sensors in her hands and her head and will blink blue when her EMF fields are disrupted. She works much the same as the EMF Detectors, however, she is more sensitive than the EMF detectors, as she is made for ghost hunting, not house contracting.


An Ovilus is basically a verbal EMF detector. Spirits can manipulate the energy fields around the Ovilus, and the Ovilus will put a word to it from its database of words. On occasion, the Ovilus has said words and names not programmed into its vocabulary.

Digital Thermometer

When spirits are manifesting, they take energy and warmth from the area, generally making the area colder. A digital thermometer can be used to document those changes in temperature.