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The Crew
Meet The Crew
GarryHailing from Australia, Garry is the creator and Head Investigator of Gribble House Paranormal Experience. He has been researching and experiencing “things that go bump in the night” for many years. As a child, he experienced many strange occurrences at his sister’s house in country New South Wales, things that could not easily be explained or forgotten. Grabbing his dad’s camera, he would look for any opportunity to take a shot of a ghost, mostly costing his dad lots of money in wasted film, but sometimes capturing something. Having investigated such paranormal hotspots as the infamous Port Arthur Penal Colony in Tasmania and the Old Pentridge Jail in Melbourne, as well as being involved with paranormal investigations on both sides of the globe, Garry specializes in historically accurate research and equipment tech work. His passion for GHPE and the paranormal ensures a first class investigation that will leave you wanting more.
TracyHaving always been interested in shows and books on the paranormal, Tracy’s interest in the supernatural was peaked after the death of her grandmother when she was eight. From then on, she began to explore even deeper into stories of haunted activities. After relocating back to Savannah in the summer of 2010, she met the other members of GHPE and was really given the opportunity to discover the mysteries of the unknown. During the day, she owns and operates the vintage clothing store Ollie Otson, and at night, she aids others in their exploration into the uncharted.
JimBorn and raised in Bakersfield California, Jim and his wife Penny recently moved to Savannah. His love of history really drew him to Savannah, and his quest for answers attracted him to the darker, paranormal past of the city. Though he’s always been interested in the supernatural, eight years ago he decided he wanted to know more and began to seek out real evidence of the unknown. The spirits at the Gribble House must feel this tenacity, as they usually follow him around the warehouse during investigations, letting him know that they are there.
WillieWillie is the Savannah native of the group. His family has a strong belief that family should pass away with family. Consequently, he grew up in a house where three family members had died. When he was five, he was awoken by a light in the closet, a light brighter than the regular closet light shining in on him in bed. He thought he was dreaming, but it wasn’t a dream, a woman was coming out of the closet, and she was getting closer. That night changed him and his beliefs on the supernatural. Now, he loves to hear and share his stories of the paranormal.
SteveSteve was always the skeptic of the group, having never believed in ghosts till he visited Laura Plantation in New Orleans where he witnessed the power of voodoo with the Creoles. Now, he is fascinated with the spirits of Savannah, believing that once you begin to explore history, you are led into exploring haunted history, and historic sites are filled with stories of eccentricities of life, death, and the paranormal. He has traveled extensively and has always been interested in things that are unusual or different. Having lived in the home of the famous shipbuilder of Savannah, Henry Willink, Steve has felt his presence and witnessed the activity of Henry’s spirit. He is continuing his quest to find out more about Savannah’s haunted past, and believes that GHPE has proven to be his greatest paranormal experience.
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